Ron 95 , predicted to be free floated next year

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According to an article from Berita Harian here,  Ron 95 is predicted to be free floated next year due to increase in fuel price. There is a possibility of targeted directed subsidy , where only eligible  people will receive Ron 95 subsidy. According to various sources , targeted subsidy mechanism pilot project has been running for a few months , thus it would probably be implemented during budget 2023.

Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul has also stated before that T20 has enjoyed the huge  chunk of Ron 95 subsidy.  The current subsidy mechanism is unsustainable. According to Ministry of Finance , a total of 4 billion subsidy has been enjoyed by T20 group. For every 1 ringgit subisidy, 52 cents will be enjoyed by T20 while , 15 cents will be enjoyed by B40.  Thus if 30 billion has been allocated as subsidy this year, over 15 billion will be enjoyed by T20.

Pilot trial on targeted subsidy scheme

According to recent interview with BFM,  the government is currently selecting the mechanism to be implemented to address the rising of crude oil price.  This may include using ewallets at petrol stations.